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Product Overview

Nowadays people pay more attention to women sexual activeness and the health supplements which make this problem solved.

Approximately a few years ago this topic was strictly forbidden, as it was not discussed anywhere. Women did not speak about this problem even with their closest friends. But today it is freely discussed on different TV programs.

Now you have a good opportunity to use Provestra as a solution to this problem.

This product contains only natural ingredients, which do not harm women organism and do not cause allergic reactions. It is formulated to ignite the desire in women, making better the greasing and enhancing the flow of blood to the areas of vagina and clitoris.

We have recently finished the design works and vending materials for Provestra. So this is the best conversion ever.

This drug is approved by doctors. It has been placed on Fox News!

We must also note that Provestra is a great addition to Vigorelle - popular cream, which is produced to increase sexual arousal in women.

According to our testing, the improvements of these two mentioned products will lead us to even greater revenues.

You must hurry up with the progress of Provestra, until it is a great opportunity.

Product Format

Daily supplement; each box contains 30 capsules, a one-month supply.

Target Audience

Women aged 25 to 60 interested in increasing their desire for and enjoyment of sex. Women who are dealing with hormonal issues (i.e. post-pregnancy, premenstrual, menopausal, etc.) make a particularly good target audience for this product.

Provestra and Herbals for your body`s saturating

What a magical, wonderful and maddening thing sex! Have you experienced such a great sex, that the neighbors had to complain about too loud moans?

In case your sexual life is not so bright now as it used to be, do not be upset because now you have the rescue for it. And if you have a thought your sex has never been great, you should know that you are worth it!

Nowadays there is a heavy burden laying on woman`s fragile shoulders: family, career, financial issues. This all can destroy the hormonal balance in your body. And just one day you suddenly realize sex in your life is far from perfect and doesn`t enjoy you anymore. Our product Provestra was created specially to eliminate the hormonal imbalance, a common thing during the process of aging. The medicines that are usually prescribed by the doctors often have negative side effects, so we have designed a different thing in order to improve your sexuality.

Everyone knows that since ancientry people knew about the useful properties of herbals. In China, for example, a plant Ginkgo Biloba was used in order to improve the circulation of blood, thus making the quality of sex better. We hope the wise experience of people lived before us can be useful even today. Thinking about that we have made Provestra based on herbals and aphrodisiacs, meant for increasing secretion of vaginal lubrication, sexuality and frequency of experienced orgasms. So you see, people wanted to experience great sex through all the centuries!

So, Provestra includes the following extracts:

Black cohosh root which is very effective for treating menopause`s symptoms like dryness of vagina or hot flashes, etc. Due to its estrogen-like action, black cohosh is able to improve fecundity, cure spasms, heavy period and even relief the pain during labor.

Asian plant Ginseng is famous for its aphrodisiac effect, which was found many centuries ago. It contains of phytoestrogens and stimulates the pituitary gland`s work. For a long time the extract of this plant has been used to cure erectile dysfunction among men. The recent studies have shown that this plant can also affect on reproductive organs, making them work even faster.

Ginkgo Biloba, which is scientifically proven to increase the circulation of blood, has been used for centuries to boost mental acuity. This plant boosts the number of your orgasms, helping to have more pleasure during sex.

The shrub Damiana, that has American origin is a potent aphrodisiac, transporting oxygen to the genitals and naturally boosts the clitoral sensitivity. It is also good for the hormonal balance, eliminating vaginal dryness and increasing the number of orgasms.

The last but not the least component is an alkaloid Theobromine that can be found in cacao plants, like chocolate and tea. It gives energy to the body and dilates the blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure.

These effective natural herbals that are mixed together, create a wonderful product that will help women to make their sexual lives once again unforgettable. Provestra is medically proven to boost natural lubrication among women. It was made for eliminating the problems, following aging process and bringing back the hormonal balance. Our product will also boost your sexual health, lower PMS symptoms, such as mood changes. You will start to think more often about sex. We are so excited to make women happy! Provestra will change your life, bringing back amazing sex to your bedroom, because it is what you really deserve!